One of the greatest fears while sending couriers in Fayetteville Ar which every individual or company has is the safety of that package. Just imagine that you have sent a precious item, an official report or a picture or a special anniversary gift to your office or loved ones but the parcel or the consignment gets lost without a trace. Many Fayetteville Ar courier services do not use a proper consignment tracking system and therefore have no clue about the packages once the driver picks it up and heads for delivery. Some courier companies in Fayetteville Ar promise efficiency but are so poor in basic functions that you’ll never get an update on who picked the courier, where did it go, when was it delivered and who took the delivery etc. The sufferer of all these irregularities is the customer.

At Straightline Delivery we have a very different approach to handling and keeping the track of all our client’s packages. We understand how valuable these things are for our customers and how important it is to keep them informed about it. That is why, we use state of the art tracking systems which provide real time tracking information to our clients. From the very moment, when you book us, we assign a tracking number and QR code to your booking information.

This booking information contains all the details about the client’s name, pick-up address, delivery address and any other relevant information which we collect during the collection for details from you. All this information and the real time location of the driver is available to us and you and therefore you can be pretty certain about the location of your package and when it will be delivered to you.

At the collection (pick-up) of your package, during the transit and even after delivery, we keep you informed from our end. When the package is finally delivered, we send you a POD (Proof of Delivery), which contains all the information about the date, time and the person who signed for it. This is even more essential in those situations where the addressee is not present or available for receiving the delivery but instead has appointed someone else (a neighbor, a relative or a friend) for the same purpose.

We also keep on updating our software from time to time for giving the best experience to our customers and free them from the worry of tracking their packages. So rest assured and track your packages in real time with