There are many mistakes which the client makes in a hurry while booking a bentonville ar courier and most of the time spend too much for too little a thing. But at Straightline Delivery we do not misguide our clients but think for their benefit first. A relationship developed with trust is always worth cherishing and keeps the business and the relationship, both healthy. So, here are few mistakes which you should avoid before booking a courier.


The most important thing before choosing our Bentonville Ar booking and shipping service is to understand what is best for you? For example, if your delivery is not very urgent and can be made in 4-5 hours or the package does not contains very sensitive, fragile items, you may choose to book the ECONOMY option. This is cheap and will get your courier delivered by the end of the day.

Similarly, you can choose our REGULAR service which takes around 3-4 hours for delivering the consignment and for even better and quick (or emergency) service choose the RUSH or DIRECT services, in which the picking-up and delivery is done in 1-2 hours and there are no stops in-between. So, choose wisely and spend wisely on getting your packages delivered by us.


Always provide complete information about the consignor and consignee. Though, we make sure while booking the package that these are taken properly but it is your duty as a customer to provide full information to us about the addressee and addressor. Otherwise, lot of times; time is wasted in inquiring in big corporations that too in a city like Bentonville Ar, for finding about the addressee and where the package is to be delivered. If you wish it to reach on time then please always provide the right and clear information about the package.


Another problem which the fast courier delivering companies Bentonville Ar like ours, somtimes suffer from is the office closure times and lunch hours of offices. Many a times, certain companies do not take/receive packages/couriers during lunch hours and some have closing hours before the normal time. This leads to the delayed delivery and non-delivery of packages and the blame comes on the Bentonville Ar courier company. Please, make sure to inform us about any such time-period(s) when the addressee will not be able to take the delivery of the consignments. This can help reduce the burden on our drivers and we can deliver packages at other places in that time. This will help both the customers and us in making quick and time-bound deliveries.

By taking few small steps like these, you can help us deliver your packages in time. So, do not rush through the booking procedure but provide full and right details of the client and inform us of any closing hours, if they fall during the day. Rest, we promise to deliver your packages to you on time.