There are times when, you plan on sending items which are fragile and made of glass to your loved ones or you have a business where you need to ship such items like glasses for bars, pubs or restaurants etc.

These items are very fragile and are more prone to damage even with care that normally a person would take. If you fail to package glass or items made from glass properly, chances are that you will suffer great loss, even if the items are to be sent locally. So, to make sure that your fragile package is shipped safely and is delivered safely, you can take the following steps in packaging.


The most important thing before you begin to pack your glass items is to make sure that you have the correct packaging materials. This includes, bubble wraps, properly sized boxes, a good adhesive tape and even straps if the box or boxes are bigger in size and contain heavy glass objects.

Some people, just find old, worn out or moist (weak) boxes and use them to pack their fragile objects. This should never be done. We always suggest to our clients that they should never compromise with boxes. A new hard, card-board box will always be better as it has sturdy form and can well absorb shocks. So, please always find new box for sending your glass items.


Now, the most important part of this process is the packing of fragile items. We suggest that you first wrap the glass items very carefully in paper. If you don’t have packing paper then you may use two layers of newspaper or just one layer of thick news or any other paper. Wrap them, tightly and wrap them with multiple layers, in order to create shock absorbing layers which will take the shocks from any jerk or fall.

The next packaging material is the bubble wrap. Take the bubble wrap sheets and cut them into large square sizes. Do make sure that you are cutting it at-least twice the size of the object which you are about to pack. Next, when you wrap the bubble wrap around the objects, do it in such a way that the shape of the object is not visible, this signifies that the object has been packed properly and has shock absorbing layers on itself.

Now, before putting the items in the box, make sure that you put enough amount of packing peanuts on the base of the box. This works as a cushion layer and prevents the fragile items from any impacts which may be caused during the shipping.


Now to seal the box, place the items in bubble wrap in the box and make sure that they all do fit snuggly. Wherever, there are empty spaces, fill those spaces with packing peanuts or extra paper balls and be generous in doing so. Give a gentle shake to the box and see if there are any empty spaces left and then fill those spaces with packing materials. You can also listen to the sounds which come from the box, if the box is making noises with objects hitting or rubbing each other, fill it until this sound vanishes.

This method makes sure that the things are closely packed and there is no room for any impact in-between the objects. Now take the packaging tape and close the box tightly and you may employ multiple layers of tape to seal the box properly. You can also use nylon straps or bands for additional security. Now, when the box is finally ready, attach the shipping label and give us a call for collection. We will take your package with utmost care and delivery it safely to the addressee.

We too use the same and even more secure methods at for packing fragile objects as part of our white glove service and in case if you are not able to pack things up yourself then we shall do that for you with a very little extra charge.