As we all know that clothes are the most important items without which, each one of us cannot do. Now, sending clothes through a courier service in Northwest Arkansas can be a very hectic job specially, if you are doing it for the first time. Whether you have sold your old collection on eBay or are sending new items to customers after sale via online shopping. You need to be very careful in packing and sending these couriers, so that they are not damaged and reach the addressee safely.

Now, here are few steps which you can follow to make sure that your courier package is shipped and delivered safely.


This is the most important thing before shipping any clothes or garments that you find the most appropriate thing to ship them in with. Most of the small couriers in Bentonville Ar like a T-shirt, jeans or vests etc. are sent in plastic envelopes called poly mailers. These are heat-sealed but if you don’t have that facility, then you can use durable glue or taping to secure the package. Though, we deliver Same Day, but we still press upon packing in a way which gives long term protection against environmental elements.

So, make sure that natural elements like moisture, dust and water are not able to break into the package and spoil the clothing, therein. The second thing you need are a good pair of scissors and a tape and if the courier has to contain many clothes, then instead of using multiple poly mailers, just pack the clothes in environment friendly poly-bags and put them in a sturdy card-board box.


Many people, in order to save more space just roll the clothes and then pack them inside the box or the poly-mailer. We do not recommend this method of packing as this destroys the structure of the clothes and can damage them permanently. Upon delivery, the customer wouldn’t be happy to see his or her purchased clothes in such a distressed condition. You need to fold them properly and make sure that you are using good packing materials such as bubble wraps etc. to secure the clothes from shock and environmental elements.

If you fold them properly, then you’ll discover that you can actually fit in more clothes than what you were able to by rolling or just throwing in. Also make sure that you have extra padding in the box, especially at the base of the box, so that your packed clothing is fully secure from any damage.


Well, attach the labels, bar-codes, QR codes etc. properly on the poly-mailer or the box in which you are sending these clothes. The labels should be stuck on the clean surface and in such a way where they are easily read and do not slip off the poly-mailer or the box. You should always try to seal the poly mailer with heat but incase if you do not engage in frequent sending of clothes or do not have such system available, then please use a good adhesive tape or glue to seal the package or the box.

Make sure that in sealing the poly-mailer, you do not damage the products within them as this can be tricky with small poly-mailers. Also use extra tape in order to secure the package as sometimes under pressure the tape can loosen and even come off the package.

So, finally when you have everything ready, then give us a call on our number 479-202-8770 or email us at

We shall quickly respond to you and in no time shall pickup your package and get it delivered on the same day as soon as possible. In case if you are unable to pack your shipping goods yourself then we offer our white glove services for the same. We will pack your clothes are packages with utmost care and will make sure that they are delivered promptly to the addressee.