What is a Contactless Delivery?


The coronavirus pandemic has led to enormous changes in the way we live. As a result of which it has become the new normal. Governments of many countries have announced widespread lockdown. Therefore, people are now increasingly relying on e-commerce.

But, with the gripping fear of the lingering virus, they are starting to become apprehensive. Keeping in mind the consumer’s interest, e-commerce companies are starting contactless delivery.

For your convenience, we have discussed this new concept in detail.

What is a Contactless Delivery?

Contactless delivery is how restaurants and other e-commerce companies are delivering their essential products and medical supplies. Companies are conforming to social distancing norms by adhering to this new method.

Additionally, they are sanitizing their warehouses, providing gloves, masks, and PPEs to delivery executives. Moreover, they are doing temperature checks.

Customers are making their payments online. They are getting their delivery from their doorstep by maintaining a six feet distance. The delivery executive, instead of knocking, is notifying them via call, message, email, or text.

Nowadays, companies like Slutty Vegan  and Chick-fil-a

are providing zero contact deliveries.

How contactless deliveries work?

Firstly, the customer needs to open the app, select the place from where s/he wants the delivery, and choose contactless delivery.

Once the delivery arrives, s/he will receive an alert on the phone. The customer will then take the delivery. She/he has to make the payment online through OTP transactions and digital wallets.

Sometimes, companies also show the health of the delivery executive in the tracking screen of the order. This is how they gain the confidence of their customers.

Importance of Contactless Delivery

People need to look up contactless delivery near me while ordering online. The fewer people interact with each other physically, the safer they will be from the coronavirus.

On the other hand, due to the recent increase in home cooking, companies were facing a huge loss. Because of this new delivery model and their hygienic measures, they are able to continue their business. People, therefore, started to trust them again and started to avail their services.

Delivery drivers who were at risk of losing their jobs because of the pandemic also regained their financial independence.

Key Components

  • Contactless Deliveries

Contactless Deliveries involves the digital running of order allocation and label generation. This will reduce the chances of exposure and transmission. Routine check-ups of executives providing the delivery service are essential.

Contactless Delivery Proofs

     Proofs required for contactless deliveries are listed below.

    1. Taking a photo of the delivered parcel and uploading it on the tracking URL.
    2. OTP-based delivery proof.
    3. Recording a name instead of signatures on handheld devices.
  • Compliance Apps

Compliance Apps are important for the customer to know about the safety protocols that the company is adhering to.


A contactless delivery service will only work when there are complete trust and transparency. Moreover, this measure will ensure safety on both sides. And opting for such methods will enable the effective functioning of your business.

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